Start Saving Education Plan

Senarai harga barang2 Sekolah Anak2:

Start saving with Prudential BSN Takaful……

Another 5 years we do not know how much the price will increase…..

PM for details.

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Info fact Breast Cancer – Start Medical Saving Now.

Fact Breast Cancer – Increase 10 % yearly

Source from the star

” In the private setting, surgery, chemotherapy (using standard chemotherapy drugs) and radiotherapy (if required) will cost around RM20,000 to RM30,000.”

Start your protection-own personal medical card and don’t depend on your company medical cover…… You don’t how much the cost will increase and the frequent you get sick/MC. Once MC leave fully utilize, company will give love letter and medical company will not covered your treatment.

PM for Consultation:

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Beli Insurans / Takaful Melalui Telefon Berisiko

Info For Sharing..

Buying Insurance/Takaful from phone call is a risk….

Set appointment with the agent or wealth planner….

Ask why you need to have insurance/medical protection???

Not just certainly accepting the offer from phone call..

Call/PM for details.

Zulkarnain Zainal
Takaful Wealth Planner
Prudential BSN Takaful

Medical Info – Cost

Capture From Sinar Paper.

What will happen to you if:
1) Your child admit with illness and require fast cash for treatment RM40k?
2) Your Husband admit with accident and need cash for surgery?

Then your family do not have medical card protection……..Who will suffer the most?

Start medical saving from now…..ONLY RM100 permonth will cover RM500K the rest of your life (term: age,status smoking and occupation)
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PM for details.
Zulkarnain Zainal
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Reality Of Life If You SICK.

This will happen if you admit with sick.

None insurance agent will entertain you.

So better start your medical plan from now. Once get admit with illnesses, there is no insurance/takaful will approve your medical request.


PM for details

Zulkarnain Zainal


Professional Wealth Advisor

Pru BSN Takaful

Berhutang Untuk Perubatan Anak

What if this thing happen to you?

Your love one especially your child admit with illnesses,cancer or stroke….

Cash is important for a TREATMENT…….

How you gonna get bulk of money/cash? Can we have it with normal saving?

Lets us educate you how to make saving with medical card link under PruBSN Takaful…….. with minimum RM100 you can get RM500K medical protection.

PM for details
Zulkarnain Zainal
Professional Wealth Advisor

Berhutang Sbb Anak

Financial Protection

“The average amount a PERSON needs to sustain his spending or lifestyle for the next 5 years upon death fo breadwinner is between RM100,000 to RM150,000″ Source: New Straits Times Feb 2014.

How about you wife and husband? What have you been doing to prepare for this ? THINK!!!!!!

Lets Talk About Financial Protection
#takaful #Medicalcard
Zulkarnain Zainal
Takaful Wealth Advisor



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