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Health News -
Did you know 83% survey report a health problem causes – Lost Job? </strong

Protect your income with takaful/insurance coverage…..

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Health News

Medical Bills …. How Costly Can It Be ?

Medical Bills …. How Costly Can It Be ?

Can you afford it?

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Takaful Wealth Advisor

Medical Bills Hos Costly Can it Be

Child Cancer Fact

There were 319 male and 220 female cancer cases in children diagnosed in 2007 and registered at NCR. The most
frequent cancer in children (0-14 years old) was leukaemia.


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Cancer in children

What make your medical takaful plan valuable?

Bank Make Your RM100 to RM103
Investment Make Your RM100 to RM103
Insurance Make your rm100 to RM100000
No Matter How great you are in your life, that’s 2
things beyond your control…..

That’s accident & illnesses
When Tragedy happen……
Friends moght help you with RM200
Relatives might help you with RM2000
Parents or sibling might help you with Rm20,000
But…For sure only insurance not might but CAN help you
with RM200,000, RM2Mil even million!!
Thats the real world! That’s the importance of Insurance/Takaful

THink of it before you say no

Zulkarnain Zainal
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Have you prepare cash for first deposit at hospital?

Hve you prepare cash for first deposit at hospital?

Think your company cover the hospital bill? And what if the cost like ANGIOPLASTY with two stent MIN 20K Deposit?
For normal top MNC company ONLY cover around 40K…………Really? Go check and verify……..

If not better prepare your own medical saving.

Having personal insurance helps…

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Pru BSN Takaful For LIFE

PRU BSN Takaful KPJ Deposit

Takaful Info

Fakta insurance:

Buat insurance / takaful sekarang!!!

Salah satu risiko yang menjadi kriteria premium policy (caruman simapanan)seseorang individu menjadi mahal@murah, besar @ kecil bergantung kepadA UMUR.
Semakin meningkat umur risiko mendapat penyakit semakin tinggi, dan Insurance/ takaful charge akan menigkat.

Ini adalah adil kerana segala risiko client akan ditanggung oleh syarikat insurance/takaful.

Sooo..krnapa anda buat sekarang? Kerana premium(caruman) hari ini lebih murah dengan manfaat(coverage) yang besar.

Untuk ketwrangan lanjut u can pm me or call untuk khidmat rundingan dan nasihat.

Zulkarnain Zainal
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Beli Insuran Sejak Kecil

Kepada ibu bapa yang pentingkan masa depan dan pendidikan sila inbox sy sekarang.

Abaikan sekiranya rokok,kasut, gagate ,eksesori kereta, anda lebih penting dri masa depan mereka..

Zulkarnain Zainal

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Pru BSN Takaful

Pru BSN Insuran sejak kecil



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