Which one should I choose? Why Prudential Medical Card?


There are lots of medical card in the market. Why Prudential best of all?

1. Prudential medical card is guaranteed renewal and non-cancelable. Not all company have this features which they have right to terminate your policy if you are claim too much or you are to risky for the company to insured. With Prudential your will be us forever and not will be canceled.

2. We gives hospital allowance to private hospitals and government hospitals. Eg. RM350 per day. Our competitor only gives hospital allowance if you are admitted in any government hospital. So what the purpose of having medical insurance if you want to be admitted in government hospital right?

3. We have the best private hospitals in Malaysia for you medical treatment.

4. We will gives you bonuses if you didn’t make any claim in a year. Eg, RM500

5. If you are diagnosed with Critical Illness, your premium will be paid by Prudential. No more payment taken from you.  If you pay for your kids insurance, Prudential also paid the premium for them.  No payment but you and family still under coverage by Prudential.

6. Prudential medical card is our product. Handle and manage by us. Our competitor use third party company to manage medical card operation. You know if too many party participant in your claim process, error and delay will happen.

7.Prudential Medical Card have the best and big limit coverage, up to RM1.5 Million.

8. Prudential been in Malaysia since 1924 and trusted by many. Not many company survived from 1924 till today. This shown our financial is strong and able to protect you.



Zulkarnain Zainal

Wealth Planner



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