Why you need Medical Saving?

We have 10 reason start saving for your own retirement/ medical saving TODAY!!!!

1. Living cost getting higher.

imagine what will happen to them when they warded at hospital and have to pay a lot of medical bill.

2. Most contributors exhaust  their EPF saving at 65.

3. A systematic way to build a good saving habit.

4.  Time is money. leverage on it

The earlier you start the more you have to gain.

5. Don’t procratinate

Start saving whatever  little you can now. Some saving is definitely better than none at all!!!

6. Dont leave our medical plan chance or put the responsibility  on our children  to  take care on the medical bill. We have been there: we know how difficult to make ends meet when we just embarking on our career and we  had young family to feed.

7. Guaranteed lump sum cash payment upon maturity

8. Medical cost, wellness, travel, hobbies and lifestyle need money.

( On average you only have 20 to 25 years to save. Time is money – laverage on it.

9 Most people not aware what happen at the age 50. We require a lot of cash upon our golden age for medical bill. Why need to use our on cash saving instead of having our own medical bond saving.

10. With saving of RM 150 per month, you planning towardsa better retirement. (Start today)

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