Pru BSN Enrich Medical Card – Outpatient Coverage – Day Surgery

What is Day Surgery?

Hospital admissions are costly and at times unnecessary. Hospitalisation means more costs such as admission fee, room and board, nursing care and meals. Although we need rest to recover, hospitals are not always as comforting as our own homes. One of the uniqueness of HealthEnrich is the Day Surgery benefit. No matter which plan you choose, Co-Takaful or Full Coverage, this benefit fully covers the cost of your surgeries or treatments.Also, with the Day Surgery benefit, you can recuperate in the comfort of your home on the same day. You do not have to stay overnight at a hospital and worry about exhausting your medical coverage. You can undergo radiotherapy, haemodialysis or chemotherapy as outpatient under this convenient plan


Need more details explanation

Zulkarnain Zainal
Pru BSN Takaful
Wealth Advisor

Day surgery coverage

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